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Tips to Dry Out Angular Cheilitis
Treating Angular Cheilitis may be a challenge for those who have to cope with this condition mainly because the cracks and lesions which appear in the skin need to be moisturized so that they no longer extend, while moisturizing the area means creating a proper environment for the bacteria to grow and develop faster. Thus, if you want to kill the bacteria you will have to dry the skin, while drying it means more cracks, thus more pain and an aggravation of the problem. Thus, what are the solutions which will make Angular Cheilitis go away in a short period of time and without causing any more pain?

First of all you will have to give back your skin the elasticity it needs in order to avoid further cracking. Because you cannot do that from the outside, you will have to do it from the inside, that is drink plenty of water, so that your skin will be hydrated enough and will not crack any longer.

You will also have to take some iron and vitamin B supplements. This will fortify your body and will help you fight this condition much more effectively. You can also increase the share of food containing these vitamins in your daily meals. It will be great for your body and for your skin.

In order to relieve the pain you can also use some special, moisturizing creams. However, refrain from using too much creams or applying them for too long as you may thus favor the growing of bacteria. Unless you have a special treatment in the form of a cream or lotion, use this type of relief moderately, so that you will not further increase the number of bacteria already existent inside those cracks and lesions.

If you have the tendency of licking your lips quite often, then you better use creams and lip balms then continue to lick them. This is mainly because the saliva does not moisture the skin, but further dries it so you will only aggravate the problem by applying saliva on the affected area. Plus, think of how many bacteria are hidden in your mouth!

These steps will help you deal with Angular Cheilitis especially if you suffer from a mild case. Yet, for severe cases it is recommended that you also use special treatment, in the best case provided by a dermatologist.

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