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Substances Used for Alleviating and Treating Angular Cheilitis
When cracks in the corners of the mouth start to appear, when you have a hard time in opening your mouth because of these cracks and when they start expanding from the corners and affect the skin from all around the lips, you are suffering from Angular Cheilitis. This skin condition appears in all categories of age, but it is preponderant in the cases of old persons who wear dentures or who have had their teeth pulled out and the lips close more than normal or form multiple folds. Children who are given pacifiers or who constantly lick their lips are also prone to this skin condition. Teenagers and young adults are less exposed to it, but there are cases in which they could also become victims of Angular Cheilitis, especially in the situation in which they tend to lick their chapped lips or have a low immune system.

According to the cause which stood at the basis of Angular Cheilitis formation, there are certain treatments which can be followed. In most cases a cream or ointment is enough to calm the pain and stop the evolution of the disease. Yet, there are also situations in which some more actions should be taken in order to treat this condition. These actions are mainly changing the dentures or doing something about the lost teeth (in case of old age people) and increase the amount of minerals and vitamins from the sufferer's body.

Yet, these must always be done in correlation with an external treatment. When the Angular Cheilitis is infected with fungi, an anti-fungal and steroids cream is used to treat it. Called Mycolog II, this cream kills the fungi, while the steroids from its components help relieve the pain or itching (when such sensations exist). Yet, when undergoing treatment with this substance safety measures should be taken so that it does not get ingested, as steroids have numerous side effects on the human body.

When there is an infection with bacteria, an anti-bacterial product should be used. Most doctors recommend Miconazole, a gel that has both anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, thus can effectively stop any kind of infection or spreading of the skin condition.

Another substance used for relieving pain and treating Angular Cheilitis is hydrocortisone in concentration on 1%.

Babies and people with highly sensitive skin can use lip balms or Vaseline to alleviate the condition. However, using only those products will treat the condition only if it is in the incipient phase or if you are willing to wait a long period of time.

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